The Art of Carol Lutgen


Discover the ethereal, mesmerizing paintings of Carol Lutgen. Carol  is a contemporary abstract artist based in Bonita Springs, Florida, and  her intuitive creative process often involves building up layer upon  layer of oil pigments and cold wax and then scraping or gouging the  surface to reveal the colors beneath. Carol likens herself as something  of an archeologist, digging at the painting with palette knives in the  search for a specific result.

Carol draws inspiration from the world around her — from the  environment, from places she has visited, and from the specific feelings  that those places evoke. She feels a strong sense of personal  connection to all her work. When a subject resonates personally with  her, she often finds that she has to create a painting. When  she is working, she strives to be in the moment and experience the  creative process as a journey without worrying about the end result.  Discovering new creative paths without knowing where they will lead is  something she loves, and she hopes that her art will help viewers  experience their own inner journeys.